Let's listen carefully: Children's songs: A slow way to travel

Listen to the children's song and fill in the missing vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in the song and under the images. Then press [Check] to see whether you were right. Use the [Hint] button to get a free vowel if a letter is giving you trouble.



eine Ktsche

Wir f
hren mt der Ktsch'!
Wir f
hren mt der Schncknpst!
e keinen Pfnng kst'!
Wir f
hren mt der Ktsch'!



Why is it obvious that the two methods of transport which are mentioned in this children's song are feminine nouns even if you don't look at the captions under the photos? Click to find out.

die Schncknpst



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Tip: If you don't belong to the lucky few who possess a photographic memory, write down what you learnt while doing this exercise.   

images: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Carl_Strathmann_-_Die_Schneckenpost_(1914).jpg