Let's listen carefully: Nursery rhymes: Laterne, Laterne

Listen to the children's song and fill in the missing words which you will find in the box below (1 word per gap). You will have to use some words more than once. Then press [Check] to see if you got it right. Use the [Hint] button to get a free letter if you need help.


Mond Laterne mein meine nicht Licht Sterne Sonne nur


Laterne, ,
, und .
Brenne auf,
Brenne auf,
schöne !

ein Laternenumzug in Köln im Jahr 1965


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Tip: If you don't belong to the lucky few who possess a photographic memory, write down what you learnt while doing this exercise.  

photo: Stadtarchiv Kiel: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Laternenumzug_der_Kieler_Nachrichten_(KN)_im_Schrevenpark_(Kiel_36.438).jpg